About Joel Evans:

I have loved motorcycles since the age of seven when my parents bought me my first dirtbike. What started out as a weekend hobby, quickly progressed into a family passion travelling around the country with my father and two sisters in a Hiace van, fully invested into chasing the racing dream. It wasn’t glamorous by today’s racing standards and I was by no means a childhood prodigy winning championships, but this time in my life holds some of the fondest memories I have with my family.

Investing in myself as an athlete and my racing program since debuting into the professional ranks in 2011 has been a consistent theme in my drive to succeed in the sport of motocross and supercross. However in 2015 my career and life were thrown into serious doubt when I crashed at the South Australian round of the MX Nationals. Breaking my C5 and C6 Vertebrae in my neck and shattering the intervertebral disks, lead to the scariest time of my life as I lay on the ground with no feeling in my entire body from the neck down.

Following emergency surgery, a week in ICU and a six month intensive rehabilitation program where I had to learn to walk again, my goal, focus and drive was the constant motivation to pull me through the dark times… When can I return to racing? Shocking my doctors, the industry and myself, in just over one year from the date of my accident, I was back on the start line at the MX Nationals for personal and professional redemption!

Since my return to professional racing I have been able to develop solid foundations as an athlete to compete at the highest levels of the sport and also deliver value to my sponsorship partners that far exceeds the standard definition of a Motocross/Supercross racer, with ventures into content creation, nation wide coaching, brand
ambassador roles and more.